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Jenna's Nut-Free Dessertery

3 Course Fine Dining Event. (Dry event)

3 Course Fine Dining Event. (Dry event)

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Executive Summary

The 2024 Traditional Meal Series summer addition offers a curated selection of dishes that showcase traditional and local ingredients. This seasonal menu emphasizes fresh, locally-sourced produce and time-honored recipes. Here are some of the highlights: Dinners choose 1 from each category 


  • Corn Soup: A hearty blend of sweet corn and hominy corn.
  • Berry Salad: Fresh local greens topped with a maple wild blueberry vinaigrette.

Main Courses

  • Surf and Turf: A delectable pairing of bison and scallop, served with sage fondant potatoes and summer vegetables.
  • Maple Salmon: Salmon glazed with maple syrup, accompanied by wild rice risotto and summer vegetables.
  • Wild Rice Risotto: A rich risotto featuring wild rice, burnt pine parmesan, and grilled summer squash.


  • Strawberry Medicine: A delightful combination of crepe, strawberry, cake, cream, and a hint of cedar.
  • Sweet Grass Ice Cream: Creamy sweet grass ice cream with a blackberry sauce.

Enjoy a memorable dining experience that celebrates the essence of traditional and local flavors.

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